Myanmar Corp
The Corporate HQ

This "Myanmar Corporation" is The Original Myanmar Corporation doing business worldwide      representing All the Products of Myanmar Origin Also Known As anything that labelled with the
unique symbol of "MADE IN MYANMAR" in projection as of Leading Myanmar Holding Corporation.

As The Principle Holding Corporation, the establishment of this corporation has been based on the
structure of Holding Corporation Category at full capacity, not as any type of business operation is
structured in it. Else any other Myanmar Corporations at various types of business operations are
established at each particular business industry at different tax code (if applicable at any location).

Such as for example: The Brand of "Myanmar Dollar™" is at different type of other business industry
as well as The brand of "Myanmar Dollars™" is also separately registered at different name of doing business for different purpose to do different business activity at as absolute different domain name.

Any individual or organizations including any government or any business can feel free to inquiry if
interest to do any business with this "Myanmar Corporation" registered at,
or else any other businesses overseen by this Corporation that are all being listed as of "Availability".
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